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SIAPWS is the link between the international work in IAPWS and the national groups for exchange of experience in water chemistry and water treatment. The mode of operation is described in the SIAPWS statutes and in the SIAPWS vision below. During the year, the activities are run by the SIAPWS Executive Committee (SIAPWS EC). The members are elected at the annual SIAPWS meeting. The current members of the EC are listed here.

SIAPWS Executive Commitee

Monika Nielsen (DK)
Chair and Cashier, Ørsted A/S
+45 99 55 77 26

Mikko Vepsäläinen (SF)
Secretary, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
+358 46 9206172

Arja Lehikoinen (SF)
Member, Valmet Technologies Oy
+358 40 868 4025

André Frank (SE)
Group Member, E.ON

+46 73 043 14 25

Roger Lundberg (SE)
Vicechair, RL Aqua RB
+46 72 010 45 65

Sara Sjögren (SE)
Member, Vattenfall
+46 73 801 19 46

Jørgen Peter Jensen (DK)
Member, Vestforbrænding
+45 40 49 70 78

SIAPWS Vision and Mission

Take active part in IAPWS

Influence and contribute to: Research & development, technical guidance (TGDs), experience exchange

Be present at the IAPWS and PCC meetings, encourage members to take part in PCC or other WG, take part in task groups for TGDs

Facilitate a Nordic chemistry network

Cooperation across the energy sector in the Nordic countries

Exchange operational experience and new developments on Nordic level, facilitate networking between colleagues. Contribute and be visible in connection with Matarvattenkon-ferensen in Stockholm

Cooperate with national groups for water chemistry and water treatment

Cooperation and experience exchange on national level as the basis of international cooperation

Exchange ideas for themes, workshops, courses between the national groups. Invite SIAPWS members to present at national events. Encourage national memebers to take part on Nordic level

Offer relevant education

Workshops, on-line courses

Organise on-line courses, workshop, preparation of technical documents and assessments

Organise SIAPWS conferences with Nordic and international contributions

Organise SIAPWS general meetings in connection with a 1½ day workshop with Nordic and international participation

Support research, exchange of information and experience between the energy sector and academia – promote technical research

Support research, e.g. student projects or through pooled funding, thereby promoting exchange of knowledge with academia

Stay independent of company interests – policy for sponsorships

Sponsors may join as directe members – branding may take place at SIAPWS event, EC must agree on form and extent