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SIAPWS Friday-events, fall of 2020

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Fall is coming, let’s get together for cozy, technical webinars 🙂

SIAPWS hereby invite you and your colleagues to a series of short webinars/workshop on Fridays during the fall of 2020. At each event there will be a 20-30 min introduction to the topic by an invited presenter and then the meeting opens for exchange of experience by the participants. This means that you can share your own case stories, experiences or doubts/questions with the forum and learn from your colleagues. The introduction will be on the basic level, so people without much chemistry background but with practical experience can follow. The seminars will be held in the Nordic languages and English for the first one.

This is a first attempt on such short virtual workshops, and we hope that you will participate and take part in the discussion. If it turns out successfully, the concept may continue next year with different topics.

Please, have a look at the program below. If you are interested in one or more events, send an email to Monika Nielsen,, and ask for calendar invitations. You will then receive an email with attached calendar invitations. when you open an attached invitation, it goes in your calendar (Outlook) directly, and it also contains the Teams link to the virtual event. I is as easy as can be. Please, feel free to share with your colleagues that may be interested also.

Kind regards
Roger Lundberg (Matarvattensektionen)
Arja Lehikoinen (Vesikemiayhdistys SIAPWS Suomi ry)
Monika Nielsen (SIAPWS Danmark)
Karsten Thomsen (SIAPWS Nordic)

Week Date Topic Title Presenter Organizer Remark
39 25-9-2020 Analysis – Water-steam cycle Acid conductivity – tips and tricks Karsten Thomsen SIAPWS English, Confirmed
45 6-11-2020 Analysis – Water-steam cycle Analyses, presentation and interpretation Erik Smitshuysen SIAPWS-DK Danish, confirmed
48 27-11-2020 Analysis – FGC on-line instrumen-tation What are we analyzing, from where and why? – Practical tips and tricks Roger Lundberg, Sara Sjögren MAVAsekt Swedish, confirmed
51 18-12-2020 Analysis – Water-steam cycle Silica analyses – practical tips and tricks Jere Espo SIAPWS-SF Finnish, confirmed  

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