SIAPWS Friday Event on the SWAN AMI CACE

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On Friday 12 February 2021, Lars Gjedde from C. K. Environment gave a presentation on the SWAN AMI CACE instrument, where SWAN uses EDI indstead of cation resin in measuring acid conductivity.

The presenstation was the first of two presentations about the SWAN AMI CACE. The focus in this presentation was the instrument, where as the next presentation on Friday 19 March will be about the operating experiences with the instrument.

If you want to know more about the SWAN AMI CACE, please contact Lars Gjedde,

The presentation and video from this event can be found in the MEMBERS AREA under SIAPWS Workshops. There you can also find presentations and videos from previous events.

If you don’t have access to the MEMBERS AREA, just sign up, and you will get access. You or your company needs to be a member of SIAPWS or of any of the national groups to get access.

Kind regards from the SIAPWS EC

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