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The actual most frequent reasons for chemistry related damages in thermal power plants – Key note speak by Michael Rziha

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Looking back to the last 70 years, starting in the early 1950`s up to now, there was a huge and strong development and progress in power plant chemistry. Meanwhile the knowledge, the science and a deep scientific understanding of the various chemical processes and interaction between materials and water or steam is principally available.

The reality however demonstrates, that independent of the size, type or design, or organization worldwide the number of cost intensive chemistry related damages has increased steadily since the late 1990`s and still continues to do so.

This is insofar astonishing, as the knowledge to avoid it is publicly available in various technical books and journals (e. g. PPCHEM Journal). Also, guidelines and guidance documents, such as VGB S-010 or IAPWS TGD are providing much more detailed information and assistance as ever in the past. IAPWS Technical Guidance Documents are even available for free, without any cost or burden.

Regardless of the information and guidance available, it can be observed that chemistry related damages are still present in a very high number.What are the reasons for this phenomenon and how those problems should be tackled?

Michael Rziha gave this presentation at the annual meeting in SIAPWS.

Find the presentation and video in the Litterature Database in the Members Area.

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